Psyphire, by nature, signifies timeless forward progress, achievement, and success - defying measure - infinite in power. It is with Psyphire that an individual will attain established goals and it is with Psyphire that these goals will be far exceeded.

While inventive in its constitution and principle, the Internet's paradox is its lack of creativity in delivering our diverse messages. Psyphire is an exception to this flourishing trend. Utilizing a vast number of technologies and creative processes, Psyphire is capable of manipulating your personal and business related visions into an appealing digital form.

Utilize Your True Potential. Psyphire will help you get there.


Psyphire ideology was first established in the year 1997 during the pivotal introduction of the Internet to the masses. Its purpose was to generate a new path to secede from a recurring phenomenon that evoked simple realization of complex concepts that were the potential of the Internet. With large success as a result of mass human intellect exposed to a heightened echelon, Psyphire’s continuous growth laid foundation to a profitable empire of academics, creativity and invention. By passage of time, Psyphire’s structure has effectively survived the turmoil of its surroundings to see the light of a more peaceful environment and culture (post bubble bursting). With technology advancing rapidly enough to fulfill Psyphire’s larger providence, its message will expand by passage of body and mind across a Universe longing for participation in initiating Psyphire's greater purpose.


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Marcus Flemming | General Manager     Mr. Flemming is the creative content visionary, mission leader, web site & graphic designer, and Chief Editor for Psyphire sponsored content sites. He has garnered eight years of online web development and project management (, Enterprise Broadcasting Corporation) from conception of an idea through launch. He also brings with him fourteen years of creative writing experience. Of those years, eleven consist of professional online publications delivered via communication enterprises that include bulletin board systems and web sites catering to international audiences. Mr. Flemming has worked extensively in marketing, sales and customer service atmospheres for several years resulting in a well-rounded business background.

Tammi Lear | Dir, Finance     Utilizing standard industry software tools and advanced skills, Miss. Lear has most recently handled the majority of accounting and financial planning responsibilities for a major consulting firm on the West Coast (Idea Integration) that has aided in developing her ten years of financial management experience. Currently, she outsources her accounting skills in an effort to create strategies for clients in need of financial advice and supervision. Miss. Lear heads the Accounting and Human Resources division at Psyphire.

John Kaemmerling | Dir, Marketing     With a strong background in marketing and sales in addition to skills as a professional photographer, Mr. Kaemmerling is well suited as Psyphire's marketing and photo guru. He has previous experience in sales for a nationwide company (Wolf Camera) for which he was responsible for significantly raising profitablity during his term. He currently operates his own successful photography company serving the Santa Cruz and Monterey counties.

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