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"Thanks, you did a great job. I know it was pretty faded, but you captured the color of the dress perfectly."
    - Sheila S.

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Custom Design for Logos, Business Cards, Letterhead, Brochures, Posters, and more
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Video Production for wedding videos, photo montages, commercial televsion, infomercials, corporate videos, feature films, documentaries, post-production editing, DVD authoring, and more
Backup your Family Photos to DVD
Photo Restoration
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About Our Services

Cheap Colocation

Our cheap colocation offerings allow customers looking for san jose colocation, san francisco colocation, santa cruz colocation, california colocation, bay area colocation, monterey colocation (and more) an affordable collocation solution. Known for the cheapest co-location, yet extremely reliable managed and unmanaged solutions at a discount, from colocation service providers on the market today, our low cost data dedicated server solutions for hosting your web site applications are secured in our secure collocation facility throughout major cities around the world. Other areas we offer co-location network administrated server services to include: San Diego, Louisville, Raleigh, Tampa, Jacksonville, Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Paris, Hurricane, Charlotte, Nashville, canada, Maryland, Baltimore, London, Denver, Columbus, Los Angeles, Boston, Massachusetts, Seattle, Vancouver, Dallas, Las Vegas, Frankfurt, 22hosting, New York, Dublin, Houston, Ohio, Holland, Amsterdam, Manchester, Montreal, and various canadian and european cities.

Web Templates

Need a design fast? Our ready made web site templates come in many flavors including HTML web page templates, flash web templates, flash introductions, logo templates, corporate identity design and more. Try before you buy, we offer a series of free web site templates for you to download free so you can get a taste of our affordable and professional web design templates and how customizable our web tempaltes are. Whether your project is focused on ecommerce, real estate for realtors, business, service industry, photography, dating, adult, church or christian themed, mortgage, wedding, clan, construction, physician, music, baby, or your personal and family pages, our web site design templates are better than anything most of us will try to plan and design in Frontpage, Photoshop or Macromedia Dream weaver. Besides, designing in these programs takes a significant period of time and money! Save yourself this and try our web templates.

Web Hosting

Psyphire, as a web hosting company, has been providing fast, quality, reliable website hosting for several years to small business and enterprise level companies throughout the world at a discount. We understand what our web hosting customers want: reliable yet transparent service and personalized customer support that far outreaches free web hosting providers. If you have tried cheap or free web site hosting packages through other low cost web hosting service providers, you soon find that you are just another number, another phone call, another hand reaching into the pot of money that is their bottom line. That is how our dedicated and professional customer support philosophy differs from the rest and it will be apparent to you from the first day you speak with us. Our budget dedicated server and virtual shared web hosting plans include services such as generous amounts of storage space, online e-mail like hotmail, POP email, email only accounts, root access / shell hosting, unlimited bandwidth, SSI, Frontpage extensions, 24 hour real time backup, java / jsp, PHP, ASP, web stats / counters, telnet, FTP, SFTP, SSH, CGI, MySQL, spam filtering, auto responders / forwarding, video streaming, ecommerce shopping cart solutions for accepting credit cards or money by paypal, on Unix based RedHat Linux / Apache and Windows NT configurations. Whether your Internet web site hosting needs are for a family / adult personal page or a major e commerce, enterprise level web destination, Psyphire has the cheapest and inexpensive web hosting plans for your needs. A quick comparison of similar lowcost computing services on the net will testify to our desire to offer dependable web hosting solutions. With no setup fees and our money back guarantee, your commitment is risk free. Considered one of the best reviewed web hosting providers, we have happy customers from Santa Cruz, San Jose, Monterey, San Francisco, Los Angeles to San Diego, Las Vegas, Reno, and other cities around California Bay Area and Nevada.

Web Design

Our web site design experience is vast and covers a variety of industries specific web design. You are free to peruse our web design portfolio of recent web page and graphic design projects and our affordable and cheap web design packages. Our graphic design portfolio covers flash design (including actioscript), 3D rendering, brochures, banners, advertisements, business cards, posters, postcards, CD / DVD covers, logos, general / wedding invitations, christmas / greeting / thank you cards, general company branding, and much more including copy writing. Area specific web page design includes San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Aptos, the greater Bay Area, California, and Monterey.

Video Production and Photo Services

Experienced in video production, film and digital production, and more, our video production company and crew, OMNIMedia Studios, is specialized in delivering the goods for video production services including wedding videos, music video production, corporate video, post production, commercial television, montage, promotional, educational, college, and more. Visit our video production partner site for more information.

Our digital photo and pictue archiving services allow customers to backup and store photos on disc such as CD or DVD for archival and security purposes. In the event of a burglary or unexpected natural disaster where photos are at a risk for loss, having a high quality backup on disk is a life saver. Picture copies and prints can be made from the backup at any time which can be optionally stored at our facility. We also provide digital photo restoration services for vintage, old, antique photographs that need correction by repair, retouching, enhancement or fixing. We provide examples, tips, and estimated prices for our portrait and photo restore services.

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