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Web Template Affiliate Program

Earn a 20% commission! You are making the right decision to join our Website Template Affiliate Program. All you have to do is fill out the short form below and you are on your way to making big money. If you have any questions before you continue, you can reference the FAQs section to see if we have already answered it. Otherwise, you can direct your inquiries to our Support Department.

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Affiliate Program General Questions

Q) How do I sign up for your affiliate program?
A) Simply fill out our Affiliate Program Application above. After registration process you will receive an email containing all the information you need to get started and supplementing your income.

Q) How much do you pay in commissions?
A) Affiliates earn 20% commissions of all purchases made via their link lifetime. You need to reach at least $100 to withdraw your money to your Moneybookers account. If you don't have Moneybookers account you can open at

Q) How often are commissions paid?
A) Commissions are paid after you'll reach at least $100 on your account upon your request. Press "Withdraw money" button in your affiliate account and you will receive your commissions during 2 business days.

Q) Do you offer any commissions statistics?
A) Yes. Once you've been approved for our affiliate program simply log into your affiliate account and check "Account balance".

Q) Do I earn commissions on unique purchases?
A) Yes. You will get commissions of ALL purchases including website templates, logo templates, flash intro templates and all products we will launch in future.

Q) How are my sales tracked?
A) All of our link codes contain unique identifies allowing us to "cookie" anyone coming from your web site. All cookies last for lifetime. This means that if someone came from your web site to one of our online stores today and decided not to buy but came back few months from now, you would still get your commission for that sale.

Q) I discovered that my commissions were decreased during 2 days after sale ?
A) If one of our online stores must refund customer a purchase for which you received a commission, the commission you earned on that purchase will be subtracted from future commission earnings. Refunds can occur due to various reasons such as fraud credit card purchase, suspicious order, bank chargebacks etc.

Q) What do I do if I've lost my Affiliate Program password?
A) Use our password retrieval link to request lost passwords. We will email your password to you using the email address you've provided when you signed up for our affiliate program.

Psyphire Questions

Q) I have a website and want to attract more visitors. What should I do?
A) If you have website just propose up to 20% discount for whole product range. This will attract more visitors to your site. You can also give 10% to your customers as discount and earn 10% as a commission.

Q) I don't have a website but I would like to join your advanced affiliate program.
A) You have a great possibility to launch your own e-commerce project. We will supply you with almost everything you need for that.

1. You will be supplied with a template for your e-commerce project.
2. We will provide low-cost hosting from our hosting partner.
3. You will be able to generate dynamic interface and start earning money immediately.

Q) When can I get my commissions?
A) Money can be withdrawn only after account balance will exceed $100. You will receive money during 48 hours after you will click withdraw funds button on your affiliate interface. Payment will be sent to Moneybookers email address we have in our database. You can change your Moneybookers email address any time in your affiliate account. Just enter number of template you want to get in your affiliate account and press "OK". Money for this template will be subtracted from your commissions.

Q) I'm not familiar with scripts. How can I use your online catalog on my site where it will be seamless (no evidence of where it comes from) to the client? In other words, make it look like it all comes from my site? Can this be done?
A) Our catalog is seamless, so you will never see "Psyphire" or other similar words if you would like to preview our templates. Simply generate our interface in your affiliate account, copy and paste code on your webpage.

Q) As a non-US company we would like to present the cost of each template in both US $ and other currency - would this be possible?
A) Our merchant system let your customers pay in your local currency which will be automatically converted in USD.

Q) We are a non-US based company. One of the problems we have is that some customers reject templates shown on our webpage because they don't know English. Is it possible to show template description in our language?
A) For the time being you have a possibility to select the following languages in the affiliate interface account: English, German, French, and Spanish.

Q) Refreshing my affiliate page I see some orders going back to the right status, one of them is still marked as "fraud". Why?
A) The reason why some orders of yours were blocked is that we have to check all purchases made via Moneybookers and other payment methods to avoid fraud transactions.

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