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Video / Film Production [ See our Partner's Portfolio ]
Our media solutions partner, OMNIMedia Studios, specializes in the complete creative manipulation of digital and print media for the benefit of all businesses desiring to utilize today's technology to take them to the next level. Specializing in video production and film production in the Bay Area, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties, and greater California, OMNIMedia has the experience to create a positive impact in your video production project.

OMNIMedia Studios Video Production

Photo Backup to CD/DVD [ Photo Viewing Software Information ]
Save your precious photos from disaster! Flooding, fires and other unexpected events can leave you with only your memories. We can back them up digitally and save a secure copy of them in our own facility! Photos capture moments in time and preserve the beauty of the past, but this beauty is only as powerful as the physical quality of the paper - and with time - any paper will show its age. Digitally store your photos on CD or DVD and these special moments will be preserved for you to cherish forever! Any event captured on film deserves its own special attention. Take responsibility to save your cherished photos now!

Benefits of Digital Photo Archiving:
    ·  Longevity: Increase the chances your photos will outlive the devestation of fires, flooding and other unexpected events.
    ·  Convenience: Archived photo collections come prepared with special software offering a variety of features - put the disc in your computer and off you go.
    ·  Email'able: Email photos quickly and easily to family and friends.
    ·  Storage: Digital media (CD/DVD) is easier to store than bulky photo books.
    ·  Durability: Digital media will stand the test of time.
    ·  Mobile: Easier to transport in the event of moving or an emergency or just to show a friend.
    ·  Scalable: Start with a few photos and add more later at any time.
The Psyphire Guarantee: At your request, Psyphire can store a master image of your photo disc. In the event that the disc is damaged or lost at a later date, a replacement can be created.

Prices: Submit Request for a Quote.

Photo Restoration [ See An Example ]
Resurrecting tattered memories is our specialty. Using a myriad of techniques, we will restore dignity to damaged or aged photos by removing blemishes, adjusting brightness and contrast, restoring color, and printing a replacement.

Prices: $50.00/hr. (Average: 1-3 hrs.)

Photo Re-Creation [ See An Example ]
Some of our most cherished photos are, frankly, just not that good. Wouldn't it be nice to make something better of them? Whether it be an off exposure, out of focus subjects, dull colors, or a plain old boring environment - we can take that photo and with your input, recreate an image that is far superior to the original.

Makes a Great Gift! Have a picture of you and your friend that could use an extra little bit of punch? Ressurrect that photograph! We can make it look like your on the beach in Hawaii or on the surface of the moon. Let us know what tickles your photo fancy!

Prices: $50.00/hr. (Average: 1-3 hrs.)

Photo Reproduction
Provide us with nearly any size photo and we will be happy to make as many copies as you would like. Have a large photo that you would love to carry around in your wallet? Perhaps a smaller image that you would love to blow up and frame? We are happy to resize any photograph to a variety of other sizes.

Prices: Submit Request for a Quote

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