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What is a Flash Web Site Template?

Flash Web Site Templates are pre-made web design products (usual website templates enhanced by Flash) that can be easily customized to meet the unique requirements of your project. Tell me more about Flash templates!

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Flash Technology

Flash Technology was developed and is upgraded regularly by Macromedia Corp. This technology allows creating exceptionally enthralling and attractive things like websites, presentation movies, games, cartoons, etc. It's no wonder that products developed or/and represented in Flash are of great popularity with Internet users.

The Need of Flash Templates

The only thing about Flash technology which does not inspire is the fact that it's almost impossible to make unique products with minimum knowledge of Flash. You have to be not only a good designer but an advanced Flash user to create something really great. The other way is to hire a professional Flash-Designer, though it may be rather expensive for those who are just starting their own business.

The lack of special knowledge and money is not an insuperable hindrance to getting a Flash website. Flash templates can be the ideal solution in case your budget is limited and you don't have time to become a Flash pro. A template costs less than a unique design and you don't need spend lots of your time creating it. Actually, the only thing you need to do with a Flash template is customize it, which usually includes no more than a couple of insignificant (from the tech point of view) changes (logo, content, etc.). This can be done with minimum knowledge of Flash. If you still do not have this minimum, you can go to a professional, as it will save your time and money, since customization work costs noticeably less in comparison to unique design work.

Psyphire's Flash Web Site Templates

Psyphire's Flash Intro templates are developed with Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004 or with previous versions of this software. It does not matter what version of Flash you use, as we guarantee that our Flash Intro templates can be customized with any version of the technology. All of our Flash Intro templates go with .fla and .swf files. The .fla files are in need when customizing Flash templates.

Flash Templates Customization and Support

Anyone who has purchased a Flash template from Psyphire is welcome to consult with our support which includes the following:

  • Template Help Center (here you may find additional info on our products)
  • Trouble-Ticket System (response time is 24 hours)
  • On-Line Chat (chat operators available 24/7)
  • Besides, we do recommend Template Tuning for all your customization needs, if you do not feel sure about your own Flash skills.
  • If you still prefer to do customization by yourself, you are welcome to use Web Design Library - an extensive resource for web designers with 2500+ tutorials, articles, etc. Here you will find lots of materials on how to work with Flash.
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