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Businesses and individuals can house their colocation servers in Psyphire's telco grade facility. Colocating in Psyphire's Data Centers provides your mission-critical data with superior security, bandwidth management, and Internet connections.

»  Colocation Rack Pricing: 1U Rack space: As low as $29 a month!

»  Colocation Bandwidth Pricing: As low as $44 per Mbit monthly!

There are no monthly transfer throughput limitations. You can sustain your throughput up to the total limit of your bandwidth cap. For a quote within 24 hours, contact us today!


Colocation Network

Psyphire's innovative network strategy focuses on the power of peering agreements and planned redundancy. By connecting only with globally based Tier 1 Internet providers, public Network Access Points (NAPs), as well as hundreds of peering partners worldwide, Psyphire delivers unsurpassed network performance that other carriers find difficult to match. The best in the colocation business, our highly skilled engineers and state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) staff optimize your Internet performance 24/7.

»  100% guaranteed uninterrupted transit
     to the Internet
»  Zero packet loss on Psyphire's internal
»  Minimal latency and no single point of
»  Cisco powered network using Hot
     Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)
»  Fastest inter-city times, second to none
»  UPS and diesel power generator backup
»  More connectivity options 100Mb, GigE,
     OC3, OC12, OC48
»  Standard 100Mb/sec full duplex Fast
     Ethernet feed
»  Scalable bandwidth pay for what you

Collocation Data Centers

Our colocation data centers are located all over the United States including facilities in San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, London, New York, Chicago, Ashburn, and Seattle. One of our premiere colocation data centers is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley and is renowned for being one of the most well-connected facilities for commercial data communications in the world. Some features of our colocation space include:

»  Multi-homed Connectivity
»  UPS Power Backup
»  24x7 Secured Facility
»  Controlled Environment

With these advantages we minimize connectivity loss, power loss, and equipment loss due to environment or theft. The facility requires keys to enter cabinets, badges to enter the room and badges to even operate the elevator itself.

Each piece of equipment that our clients supply is individually tagged and logged by serial number to ensure that it is identified correctly. The Internet uplink is connected to a managed switch which we use to monitor bandwidth utilization for billing purposes. Colocation customers have access to the same statistical data from this switch in the form of a web-based report which is updated every 5 minutes.

Colocation Rack Space

We provide rack space for server and communication equipment collocation. In an effort to minimize operational overhead expenses, we only offer cheap colocation space for racked equipment at this time. Racks are standard 4-post, 19" and 32" deep. Deep, heavy servers must be mounted with rails to support the weight of the machine securely. For pricing, please call or submit for a quote.

Colocation Bandwidth

Our Internet uplink is an aggregate of redundant routes across multiple providers making the connection as reliable as possible for maximum uptime. Billing for bandwidth is based on commitment level and overages. If utilization exceeds the commitment amount, then clients are billed for their commitment amount plus overages at the commitment rate. Overages are calculated based on the 95th percentile traffic analysis method.

Colocation Security

Your valuable servers and Internet connections are always optimally protected in our world-class colocation facilities. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), personalized access cards and highly secure man traps ensure only authorized personnel have colocation facility access. All door access is monitored, recorded and time stamped on an individual card basis. Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and security officers are present in all locations round-the-clock.

»  Building and facility security
»  Personalized security card access monitored, recorded and time stamped
»  Security personnel
»  NOC man trap

Remote Hands

Psyphire offers a remote hands service for customers who wish to manage their own server equipment rather than pay for full time managed services. In the event of some simple server reset, power cycle, cable swap, etc. we can save you a trip to the data center by doing it for you. We will perform simple tasks for you, but diagnostics or repairs on your equipment do not fall under this service. Our remote hands service is billable according to our standard hourly rate.

Custom Servers

We research, specify, build and sell custom servers to customers. We typically use this service to build a custom, dedicated server that is specific to a customer's requirements for website/data hosting and will be collocated in our data center. We also build and sell one-off systems that are delivered to customers. We are experts in data delivery and processing and can propose and build solutions to the most demanding requirements. The best place to start in determining what sort of server to purchase is by identifying what you need it to do from now through the near-term future and what elements of these functions are most critical to you (speed? resilience? cost?). Using this information we can put together a recommendation that calls out hardware, software and exact costs to meet your needs whether it's a single server or a load balanced PXE-booted cluster with a fast, redundant database backend. For our basic packages, see our dedicated server solutions.

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State of the Art Facilities
·   24/7 unescorted security access
·   Video surveillance, building and facility security card access, security personnel and NOC man trap
·   Redundant air-conditioning, air flow management and fire suppression systems
·   Anti-static flooring
·   UPS and emergency diesel generator power

Flexibility and Reliability
·   Guaranteed 100% uninterrupted transit to the Internet
·   Neutral colocation and PIX alternative bandwidth options
·   Flexible cabinet options with plenty of power octal, quarter, half, full cabinets and custom cages
·   Access to Psyphire's 100% guaranteed uptime high performance network
·   All cabinets include 1 Cat 5 drop. For neutral colocation customers, one FastE connection to the peering switch is provided

·   24/7 NOC, on-site support and engineer on call
·   24 hours or less provisioning times
·   No monthly recurring cross connect fees for neutral colocation customers

·   Colocation San Jose
·   Colocation San Francisco
·   Colocation Seattle
·   Colocation Los Angeles
·   Colocation Toronto
·   Colocation Vancouver
·   Colocation Montreal
·   Colocation London
·   Colocation Chicago





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